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Details are displayed in reverse chronological order (latest first)

Type of Release code per feature: (E=Enhancement, B=Bug fix, M=Major release)

Reference Version Change Source of Change Functions affected by Release Display Effect Parameter changes
99 E 8.7.11 Desktop is now updating exclusively via secure https AIT System None None
98 E 8.7.11 When performing an Item Location Transfer a new banner makes the selection clearer. AIT Item Transfer None None
97 E 8.7.11 The option to exclude a work from the User Profile recommended list has been improved (this requires AWS v8.7.2) AIT User Profile None None
96 E 8.7.11 A new Enterprise option allows Series Authority to be suppressed until parameters and data are prepared for this. AIT System Parameters None None
95 B 8.7.11 When going to User Profile directly, the existing user was not remembered, and the operator had to enter the user barcode manually. AIT User Profile None None
94 E 8.7.11 A search enhancement to allow the search to exclude works borrowed by the current user. For libraries for the blind this is shown on the Basic & Advanced search tabs. For other libraries this is only shown on the Advanced tab. AIT Search None None
93 E 8.7.11 User profile recommendations are now shown in title order. AIT User Profile None None
92 E 8.7.11 Search has been altered to ensure the 'More filters' checkbox can’t be unticked if an extra filter is applied. To do this required changing the meaning of some checkboxes from 'suppress' to 'show'. AIT Search None None
91 B 8.7.11 The ability to assign an existing work to a Suggestion was temporarily lost and this has been corrected including updating of the matching routine AIT Suggestions None None
90 E 8.7.11 The suggestions process now ignores deleted works AIT Suggestions None None
89 E 8.7.11 Fantastic Fiction search has been added to the alternative search list below Google scholar and Trove. Selecting this option will populate your current search terms in the Fantastic Fiction web site and initiate a search. Great for ordering or finding obscure fiction titles or ISBNs. AIT Search None None
88 E 8.7.11 The Stop button is now visible so tasks like the Multimedia validation can be interrupted if the operator requires. AIT Key Reports None None
87 E 8.7.11 A new Enterprise option to ensure an item is not lent out to the same user within a certain period of time has been added to combat auto renewal by some self-check devices. An integer may be used for the number of hours required. AIT System Parameters None None
86 E 8.7.11 The Regions combobox default caption now shows All rather than Any AIT Search None None
85 E 8.7.11 A newly created Suggestion now defaults to the user's home location if the user is found by the barcode. AIT Suggestions None None
84 E 8.7.11 User messages may now be displayed when User Details are accessed thanks to a new optional Enterprise setting. The messages show on load, as often librarians no longer see the messages in the Loan screen as some customers use self-check machines exclusively. AIT User Details None None
83 E 8.7.11 Verification may now be turned off when batch changing item statuses. AIT Item Transfer None None
82 E 8.7.11 Batch returns may now be performed by level five and above. AIT Batch processes None None
81 E 8.7.11 The labels process no longer auto deletes printed user labels as the print process may not have finished processing it. AIT Labels None None
80 E 8.7.11 A new tab in Local Settings has been added to show the mailing label template locations and discovery precedence. AIT Local Settings None None
79 E 8.7.11 A new setting in the auWksAurora.ini file ([Local Folders] MSWordTemplates=) has been created to allow a local or network disk to hold MS Word template files. This makes it easier to share access to the templates and to understand how the application finds them. AIT System None None
78 M 8.5.10 It is now possible to add and edit series authorities completing the authority maintenance set. NSPL Headings None None
77 E 8.5.10 The Headings screen contains an option to filter a search by a specific heading tag AIT Headings None None
76 E 8.5.10 All icons are now the same size AIT Login screen None None
75 E 8.5.10 Option to Re-register user change to normal status AIT System Parameters None Enterprise: ReRegoUserOnNormalStatus
74 E 8.5.10 Supports linking operator to an Entity (requires AWS update and schema v187 not yet released) AIT System None None
73 E 8.5.10 Improvements for the Lookup search AIT Homebound None None
72 E 8.5.10 Change of Aurora Post link to https AIT Administration None None
71 B 8.5.10 Bug fix when viewing the 2nd, 3rd predicted issues list AIT Serials None None
70 E 8.5.10 New web analytics and maps links AIT Reports New Icons on reports and statistics ribbon bar None
69 E 8.5.10 Change to Search Items to allow more than 500 items to be listed. AIT Search None None
68 E 8.5.10 An operator may now edit a related authority for a heading via a new option in the contextual menu in Bibliographic Cataloguing. AIT Cataloguing None None
67 E 8.5.10 A new ‘View’ tab in Bibliographic Cataloguing allows an operator to move tagged fields from one bib record to another via drag and drop. AIT Cataloguing None None
66 B 8.5.10 A bug fix to link counters AIT Homebound None None
65 E 8.5.10 A check is done to make sure the collect at location is in the combobox. If not and this is a consortium then the combobox is reloaded AIT Suggestions None None
64 E 8.5.10 The operator is now able to define a default SMS message prefix for SMS messages sent from User Details. AIT User Details None Enterprise: SMS_AdhocInstitution
63 E 8.5.10 Improvements in downloads/uploads AIT Local Settings None None
62 E 8.5.10 The list of suggestions now loads much faster. AIT Suggestions None None
61 E 8.5.10 If the library is an LfB and no work is present allow it to be marked as able to be loaded to the catalogue AIT Suggestions None None
60 E 8.5.10 Now allow Daisy and Braille works to be added AIT Quick work None None
59 E 8.5.10 Closed days now requires Add button to be pressed to be more intuitive. AIT Loan Parameters None None
58 E 8.5.10 When loading SIC codes into works up to 5 SIC codes are now allowed. AIT Loader None None
57 E 8.5.10 The operator may now edit the child holding sub-location value. AIT Cataloguing None None
56 E 8.5.10 A new check box 'Tasks Run' allows an operator to easily view when important tasks were last run AIT Circulation New tickbox replaces horizontal tiling and new Tasks panel None
55 E 8.5.10 Improvements to hyperlink colour code matching including series authorities AIT Cataloguing None None
54 E 8.5.10 Options that are hidden when navigating to the Child holding tab are now made visible again when returning to the Details tab AIT Cataloguing None None
53 B 8.5.10 Excel export button now enabled AIT Notices None None
52 E 8.5.10 Option to block Set-aside/Holds functionality AIT System Parameters None Enterprise: IsSetAsideBlocked
51 E 8.5.10 Able to define default Braille item format VNILS System Parameters New radio button Enterprise: DefaultItemFormat_Braille
50 E 8.5.10 Improvements in listing recent works changed by operator AIT Cataloguing None None
49 E 8.5.10 When an operator attempts to drag and drop an image or document to a MARC record, the system creates the required multimedia folders on the local disk if they are not already present. AIT Search None None
48 B 8.5.10 Minor bug fix when listing orders AIT Order list None None
47 E 8.5.10 New column for User general note (U_Notes) is now shown in picking list AIT Homebound New column None
46 B 8.5.10 Suggestion action was previously not matching correctly on home library AIT Reports None None
45 E 8.5.10 An option to suppress quotes around large numbers when exporting reports from SQL Query AIT SQL Query New checkbox None
44 E 8.5.10 When selecting specific records in Loader a new menu option allows the operator to tick or untick all making the selection process faster. NSPL Loader None None
43 E 8.5.10 When adding a profile the options default to SIC codes if anypresent, else default to Subjects AIT Homebound None None
42 E 8.5.10 Reserve notice statistical breakdowns are now in Key Reports including counts per day, method and ratio AIT Reports Two new key reports None
41 B 8.5.10 Drag and drop fix for consortiums NCOU Search None None
40 E 8.5.10 Checkbox ILL option hidden so as not to be confused with radio button setting. AIT Quick ILL None None
39 B 8.5.10 Horizontal scroll bar fixed in headings AIT Headings None None
38 E 8.5.10 The automatic profile allocation is now in random order providing a more varied selection for homebound users. VNILS Homebound None None
37 E 8.2.16 To compliment the new cloud notices three new key reports have been added to monitor the number of notices going out on a daily basis and the format in which these notices have been delivered. They are 'Reserves - notice counts per day', 'Reserves - notice counts per method per day' and 'Reserves - ratio report' AIT Key Reports New radio buttons None
36 E 8.2.16 A new Key Report 'Delivery route map (from Picking List)' provides a list of homebound users and their addresses in a format that is easily moved into Google Maps. This map can then be shared with a driver or volunteer so that they know where to go and how many items are to be delivered. AIT Key reports New radio button None
35 E 8.2.16 A new method for producing notices will soon be available. If this is set up on the Aurora Cloud for your library a new screen Notices (cloud) will be displayed in Aurora Desktop. The new process allows for overdue and reservation notices to be produced on our cloud servers for your customers. Email and SMS are sent directly, postal notices are produced on the server and can be viewed and downloaded for printing via the new Notices (Cloud) screen. The new screen also provides the ability to archive and un-archive notices as required. This functionality will be rolled out to your library after inital live testing. AIT Notices New screen Notices (cloud) None
34 E 8.2.16 A Microsoft Trust Certificate has been added to the project, this removes the need for a user to tell Windows 10 the program is OK when a new version is delivered. AIT System None None
33 E 8.2.16 A change has been made to prevent the save of an authority, during the cataloguing process, from dropping the bib record ID. This caused a subsequent save of the already open catalogue record to be inconsistent when saving changes to the holding. AIT Cataloguer None None
32 E 8.2.16 A new right click option on the Loader screen to tick/untick all titles if the works have the check boxes showing. AIT Loader New contextual menu option None
31 E 8.2.16 A small change has been made to prevent the Save button on the Item Details messages tab going off screen when the resolution of the screen is changed. AIT Item Details None None
30 E 8.1.24 The Montage demo icon is not displayed if the customer has Montage in place. AIT System Desktop None None
29 E 8.1.24 An icon is shown in Allocation if the picking list user is archived, deleted or deceased. AIT Allocation None None
28 E 8.1.24 Synthetic speech can be saved for a user once AWS v8.1.18 is in place. Synthetic speech may also be saved as a profile setting for a work when the new BDDS field (DDS_Syn varchar 1) is added via ASM in schema v186. RNZFB Homebound None None
27 E 8.1.24 You can now delete more than one selected picking list item. This requires AWS 8.1.22 in place before multiselect will function. NLCOV Allocation None None
26 E 8.1.24 You can now delete a picking list entry if the user is no longer on file. NLCOV Allocation None None
25 E 8.1.24 The Barcode and input field in User Details is now larger. AIT User Details None None
24 E 8.1.17 New Key report for Homebound Delivery Route Map (Picking List) for upload to Google Maps. AIT Reports New report None
23 E 8.1.17 Overdue administration fine is a charge applied if the reader or staff member has one item or multiple items overdue by a certain number of days. This fine is triggered by a task and is an alternative fine creation method. NUHU x None None
22 E 8.1.17 Multimedia validation can now limit check to Aurora cloud multimedia files only and also has the ability to filter by extension. AIT Reports None None
21 E 8.1.17 The Charges report now has Entity filter (excludes NSHOR) and is much faster. NCOU Reports None None
20 E 8.1.17 Fix to max rows in SQL Query report AIT Reports None None
19 E 8.1.17 New Item Format option to bypass float on the creation of an item e.g. on Magazines (requires AWS v7.11.24 or later) QMC System Parameters None None
18 E 8.1.17 A new option 'Works with these tags' facilitates identification of works with certain attributes e.g tags, subfields and/or content AIT Batch runs New tab None
17 B 8.1.17 Fix to allow Printing labels from Search screen to now go to the next item barcode in the labels screen. AIT Labels None None
16 E 8.1.17 There is a new option to split on a space character for labels with so slash mark. AIT Labels None None
15 E 8.1.17 A new option in Quick Suggestion allows the operator to create a suggestion marked as an Interlibrary loan. NLML Quick Suggestion New checkbox None
14 E 8.1.17 A new option in Quick Work allows the operator to move to Place an Order after save. NSIN Quick Work New checkbox None
13 E 8.1.17 There is a new option to stop the picking list refreshing. AIT Allocation New checkbox None
12 E 8.1.17 An improvement to the Allocations query gives Delivery route description and has a new Delivery route filter. AIT Allocation None None
11 E 8.1.17 The option to mark a work as to not be allocated to a user works correctly. This includes a new circulation transaction type. NLCOV Allocation New transaction type 'Bypass auto allocation of work to a user' None
10 B 8.1.17 The deletion from the Picking list option now deletes the entries from the Picking list. NLCOV Allocation None None
9 E 8.1.17 Profile captions are now coming from a parameter file AIT Homebound None None
8 E 8.1.17 To prevent specific works being allocated to a homebound user you can now mark a work so as not to be allocated to that user. NLCOV Allocation None None
7 E 8.1.17 A second 'basic picking list' has been added to provide a variety of listing options. This one is more suited to a public library. NLCOV Allocation New check box None
6 M 8.1.17 It is now possible to drag and drop an image onto a work and have this image automatically uploaded to the cloud server and linked to the work. The process creates the appropriate 856 MARC tags, inserts a 007 tag if required and creates and uploads a thumbnail image. This function can also be used for toys, sound files and documents. The process requires the local workstation to have the same disk structure as the Aurora Cloud and a unique top level folder created on the server. Please ask AIT for more information. QFCL Search None None
5 B 8.1.17 Archived orders are now displayed correctly on the Details of a Work tab. AIT Search None None
4 E 8.1.17 Untrapped Reserve report now caters for item level reservations where collect at entity is different to the entity that owns the item. (Consortium only) NSHOR Reports and Statistics None None
3 E 8.1.17 User Lists now caters for operators using single quotes in fields such as Barcode, Alias etc. AIT User Lists None None
2 E 8.1.17 Task level required to change the priority level of a reservation. NRML User Links None ReservePriorityTaskLevel
1 E 8.1.17 New parameter to allow or prevent a loan to another entity. NCOU Loans None LoansBlockToAnotherEntity