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Details are displayed in reverse chronological order (latest first)

Type of Release code per feature: (E=Enhancement, B=Bug fix, M=Major release)

Reference Version Change Source of Change Functions affected by Release Display Effect Parameter changes

21 M 11.1.20 The new electronic resource management module has been added to Aurora Desktop. The new module allows operators to manipulate and analyse eResource records . More information can be found at the ERM help page. AIT Electronic Resource Management A new module None
20 E 11.1.20 If a user is attempting to loan a serial issue that they have previously loaned the system will now provide an alert to identify this. The alert will be shown even if the item has a different barcode and is based on the material specification of the issue. AIT Loans None None
19 E 11.1.20 A new feature is available to help identify works with invalid language codes. In the works to be done tab of Cataloguing can be found a new hyperlink called 'Fix invalid Language codes in works'. After selecting this link, an operator with suitable permissions will be redirected to the Marc Parameters screen where a list is presented on the left of the invalid codes. Selecting a code provides a contextual menu with several functions. If the code is a no longer preferred code the system is able to update it automatically. If the code does not exist then a list of works with this code can be provided for manual editing. Incorrect codes in the 041 $a can also be found with this process. AIT Cataloguing None None
18 E 11.1.20 The Austlang codes for Australian languages are now able to be catalogued in the 041 tag $a subfield. If the operator places AUSTLANG (case insensitive) into the 041 $2 then only Australian languages will be able to be selected in the $a dropdown. This requires an update of language codes before it will function. QPIL Cataloguing None None
17B 11.1.20 The Loan parameters screen had a bug that prevented scrolling of the user type control. This only affected operators with small screens. This has now been fixed. NSHOR Loan Parameters None None
16 E 11.1.20 For libraries that use the archive facility when deleting users, User Lists now has a new option in the 'Status' combo box. Any (except Deleted or Deceased) will allow the operator to see archived users among the normal search. This option can be set as the default utilising a new enterprise parameter. NRML User Lists New combo box option UserList_DefaultIncludesArchived
15 B 11.1.20 A minor bug in the homebound screen prevented the save of a headings profile when a certain sequence of events occurred. Clearing xml files would temporarily fix the issue, but a permanent fix has now been implemented. SALB Homebound None None
14 E 11.1.20 The max amount that the control 'ignore items added in last months' was previously set to 5 years, this has now been extended to 20 years. NSIN Low Activity Report None None
13 E 11.1.20 The ability to create global closed days for all branches in a library system or libraries within a consortium has been added utilising the ALL controls within the location settings of the closed Days page. Once an ALL parameter has been created it will display for each individual branch selected. The parameter can only be deleted or edited when the ALL location setting is once again selected. QPIL Closed Days New option in combo boxes 'All' None
12 E 11.1.20 If the number of street entries for a state is zero, the address check option in User details is now disabled. QPIL User Details None None
11 E 11.1.20 When an operator in Desktop cancels a reserve the cancellation reason text now gets auto added as a user message by AWS. NRML System None None
10 B 11.1.20 There was a minor bug in the Item status report in Desktop which was not handling floating items correctly. This has been fixed. The web report RK083 was already correct and now both are aligned. NRML Reports None None
9 E 11.1.20 A new enterprise parameter has been introduced that will charge a user a given amount when an ILL suggestion is placed. The amount is defined in the parameter and will occur when an ILL suggestion is placed via Montage or Desktop. NRML Enterprise Parameters None Charge_ILL_Placement
8 E 11.1.20 A new parameter has been added to the physical location options, 'Do not reserve trap an item with this home location'. Selecting this option will prevent any item with this home location from being trapped for a reservation when returned. QSRCL System Parameters / Locations New check box None
7 B 11.1.20 A bug was identified where an existing item format that had less than 3 characters in the ID could no longer be updated. This has been fixed. New Item formats are restricted to a three letter code. QPIL System Parameters / Item formats None None
6 E 11.1.20 A new debarral reason 'Item overdue by min days' is shown if a user exceeds the limits set by UserDebarIfLoanItemMaxDays. This parameter is now able to be defined per entity within a consortium. QPIL System Parameters None UserDebarIfLoanItemMaxDays_<entity>
5 E 11.1.20 The untrapped reserves report has been modified to prevent reserves placed by users that are in a User Type that has the check box ticked 'Loans only on local items' from being displayed at other councils as they can not satisfy the reserve. NSHOR Reports and Statistics / Reserves None None
4 E 11.1.20 A new function to prevent specific user types from loaning items that do not belong to their council has been introduced. A new checkbox in the User Types screen sets this on in a consortium model. NSHOR System Parameters / User Types new check box 'Loans only on local items' None
3 E 11.1.20 Desktop will now check if a user has borrowed an issue of a magazine by comparing the material specification (part) for that issue with those in the previous loans history. A simple alert lets the operator know at the point of loan. AIT NSHOR None None
2 E 11.1.20 A new enterprise setting has been introduced to allow the User contact tracing function to be forced on, or optional. If UserContactTracing is on but UserContactTracingForceOn is off then the contact tracing check will be by default off unless it is switched on by an operator. A magenta colour alerts the operator that the check is currently off. AIT User Details None UserContactTracingForceOn
1 E 11.1.20 The ability to add a second indicator of 2 to an 856 tag defines that the URL represented is not the main URL of this work but is a related resource. NHKS Cataloguing None None